Full Document Management

Fully Centralized. Automated Workflows & Approvals. Secure Negotiation & Collaboration. Data Extraction. Flexible Integrations. No Coding Required.

Loved by 151,883 companies and individuals worldwide

Our clients use Legito to

Smart Document Workspace
Automate Document Drafting
Manage Documents, Cases, and Transactions
Approve and Sign Documents
Engage Clients (Client Portal)
Deliver Customizable Document Self-Service Solutions
Negotiate Contracts
Extract and Track Contractual Deadlines
Analyze Documents and Create Easy to Understand Reports

Simplify how you work with documents

Store & Analyze

Negotiate & Sign

Automate & Draft

Manage & Share

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Why Legito?

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Customizable Automated Workflows

Audit Trail (Document Timeline)

Instant visibility of a document’s history. See who did what, and when. A full audit history provides to your document lifecycle management transparency, and the analytical data you need to increase your efficiency.

Document automation and management under one roof

Electronic Signature

Multiple Server Solutions Available

Nuanced Approval Lists

Ensure that documents get in front of the right people for approval. Use advanced Approvals Settings to mitigate risk by creating dynamic Approvals. Approve documents faster and avoid bottlenecks. Learn More

Visually Intuitive Workflow Editor

Easily build multiple option Workflows using Legito’s coding-free Workflow Editor. Click and Drop your way to better and more efficient document management.

Communication and Collaboration

Smooth communication translates into speedier resolutions. Real-Time messaging, flexible Permissions Management of Users, Groups and Guests. Access multiple options to share Documents securely both internally and externally, keeping key stakeholders connected.

Deadline Notifications

Stay ahead of targets with Legito’s Deadline Notifications. Use automatically extracted data from your Legito documents, or manually set up deadlines so you are always on time. Decide if you want to receive your notifications in-App or via email. Learn More

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