Document Automation FAQ

How to begin

  1. Your service sounds interesting! Where do we start?

    Each company is unique, but in most cases, we start our cooperation by arranging a phone or online call or a meeting in person with the company’s representatives. During this call or meeting we listen to your ideas and needs, answer your questions, and then recommend a suitable solution.

    From there, we usually set up a free pilot project with you, including a free trial account as well as support in using the system and help creating your first documents.

    To get started, just contact us via the form below or directly at

  2. Can we try Legito for free?

    Of course! Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke.

    Legito is a cloud-based solution, so setup is easy with no installation required. You can easily set up a free test account via form lower on this page. We can even offer free advice on how to best automate your documents. Don’t worry, we go through it with you every step of the way.

    To give you an idea of how they work, we’ve put together a sample collection of automated templates published by legal professionals using our platform. Feel free to try them out and see how they work!

  3. Can you install the Legito solution on our own server?

    Yes, we can. Most companies prefer to run our application from our secured cloud server, but if you’d prefer it in-house, we can make that happen. In such cases, however, it’s necessary to keep in mind that maintaining the application and updating to newer versions may be less cost-effective.

  4. How much does it cost?

    To help you make sure Legito is for you, test account is at no cost.

    As for price, licence costs depend entirely on your needs:

    • number of generated documents
    • number of users
    • the amount of storage space required

    Legito is a cloud-based solution, so there’s no need to install any complicated software or invest in servers or extra hardware. On average, the basic version of Legito costs around several hundred euro a month. This is a good entry-level version since it features an option to create an unlimited number of templates to let your employees get used to using Legito in their daily work. From there the price of the license increases gradually with the number of users and the number of documents you generate.

Creating documents

  1. How do I create automated document templates in Legito?

    Our easy-to-use editor works a lot like Microsoft Word. And our intuitive drag and drop functionality makes creating templates intuitive and fast.

    Hundreds of lawyers from all age groups have already used our editor to create thousands of automated documents and are even surprised by how easy it is to use.

    Here’s a short video to show you what we mean:

  2. Is there a simple way to adjust these automated document templates?

    Yes, changing these templates is just as easy as creating them. Simply make a change in the document template, save it, and it’s ready for use. From that moment on, the updated version of the template will be available to all your employees.

    And if you ever run into a problem with a document and need to revert to a previous version, it’s no problem at all—all previous saved versions of your document templates are archived in your account.

  3. Can Legito create various revisions of documents?

    Yes it can. This feature is most frequently used by a company’s legal department to adjust contracts created by other departments. It’s also very useful in a solicitor’s office for experienced lawyers who need to check contracts created by their junior colleagues.

    You can even use it when negotiating the content of a contract with the other party. Simply share the link to the contract with the other party, who will then be able to propose their own changes (which, of course, will be tracked).

  4. Will you teach us how to create templates on our own?

    Of course! We’ve created a video tutorial that walks you through the processes of creating new templates, so training new colleagues will be super easy.

    After already automating thousands of document templates, our experienced automation support team is ready to help you. If you need part or all of a document automated, or just need some advice about document automation in general, get in touch!

    Our support speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Serbian.

    Of course, our services include an extensive introductory training program.

  5. Can we set up our own design for the documents we generate?

    Yes, you can. Simply upload a Word document into Legito to show what the generated document should look like, and our system will generate documents in this design from then on.

    What’s good about this solution is that when you change your logo, residence or any other part of your corporate identity, you don’t have to change all the Word documents—just the templates. And from then on, all your employees will generate contracts in the new design, including any updated information.

    If you’ve got multiple designs, you can even upload each Word template into Legito and designate which design applies to which generated document. This is particularly useful for companies with subsidiaries or partner companies with different brands. It also really comes in handy for solicitor’s offices with big clients who need their documents in the design based on their corporate identity.

    All of the above-stated applies to generating PDF documents, too.

  6. What languages and countries can you handle?

    Our system can handle any linearly written languages, i.e. written from either left-to-right or right-to-left. Beyond that, it’s up to you which language versions you’d like to create.

    If you are a global company and need to group contracts based on various countries, our system can handle that, too!

    Our support speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Serbian.

  7. How do I get my Word documents into Legito?

    Legito can import documents from Word, including advanced settings, with which you can import Word document also with elements that are used in our editor.

    We’ll be very happy to help you convert your Word documents into Legito. In fact, some companies leave the automation of their documents up to us from the very beginning. They just send us their Word documents with instructions and we take care of the rest.

Integration with other systems

  1. Can you send your specialists to our company?

    Definitely. We’ll be glad to send our Legito integration specialists to your office. We know very well that sometimes it’s best to have physical, in-house support. We do this mainly for banks and other large-scale integrations.

    The time our team spends in your company depends on the extent of the integration. If needed, our team is happy to spend months or even years in your company, making sure everything is integrated smoothly.

    Integrations are provided by trained specialists from among our integration partners based all over the world.

  2. Can we log in to Legito from our company website?

    Yes, you can. Log in to your Legito account and copy out a simple code and give it to your website administrator to insert appropriately.

  3. Can Legito transfer data to and/or from other systems?

    Yes, Legito can receive data from other systems and insert it at specific places in documents or it can set documents up based on such data. It can also send out data inserted into documents via our user interface.

    Both sending and receiving is done through our API.

  4. Can I generate a document without having to open Legito?

    Yes, you can. Thanks to the option to receive/send data you can generate a document in the background without having to open Legito at all. This option is used most frequently by employees of companies who need to generate documents quickly for clients (at bank branches, insurance companies, mobile operators, etc.).

  5. May I see the documentation for your API?

    Of course! You can download it here. If you have any questions about our API, just get in touch.

    We are fully available to you at to answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Other function

  1. What can Legito do in regards to document management?

    In Legito, you can keep records of individual documents, create their versions, and assign statuses to them, along with the person responsible for them at that moment.

    You can assign various authorizations not only to individuals, but also to specific documents (documents may be marked as confidential, so only the people authorized to see confidential documents can see them).

    In our DMS, you can filter documents based on a number of criteria, too. Legito also contains an analytics module which enables you to easily analyse the content of documents and create managerial reports.

    You can also set up Legito to automatically notify you of deadlines in contracts or other documents.

    Another great feature is the ability to set which statuses can be assigned to documents and comfortably group documents or people.

    Legito serves as a storage space for documents, too. Our users most frequently use it to assign scanned signed documents to individual items.

    The data can be exported to Excel.

    Example: The sales manager fills out and sets up an automated template of a contract, sets its status to “ready to be checked”, and assigns it to the company lawyer. On her account, the lawyer has a list of contracts to check. Once she does it, she can assign the revised document to the project manager and change its status to “ready to be signed”. Once the project manager has the document signed, he changes its status to “signed”, adds a scanned document to this item, and assigns the document to the person in charge of contract administration.

  2. How does contract deadline notification work?

    When creating document templates that can later be adjusted, mark the box where users enter the date of expiration of the contract, payment date and/or handover date.

    When setting documents up or filling out templates, users add data into relevant boxes and Legito will send you notifications prior to each date.

    Legito can also detect the data and automatically enter it into your calendar (e.g. Google calendar).

    You can add data through the document management module even after the document is created, e.g. date of signing or expiration date.

    You can also add data to the records on external documents.

  3. Is your cloud solution safe?

    Absolutely. The safety of our clients’ data is our top priority.

    Our server received the highest safety rating (5 stars) from Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA), and it is also TÜV-certified based on ISO 27001.

    The connection between your computer and our server as well as the saved passwords (salted SHA-1) are encrypted. We don’t permanently save generated PDF and Word files; once downloaded or sent via e-mail, they are immediately and automatically deleted.

    In our system, you can irrevocably delete all the data inserted into the documents.

    And upon request, we are even able to encrypt the content of documents, as well.

    If you’ve got more specific questions about security features and credentials, we’d be happy to answer them. Just get in touch.

  4. Can Legito also serve as a storage space for our scanned documents and other files?

    Certainly. Into Legito, you can insert any number of files of any type to individual records. Our users most frequently insert scanned signed documents.

  5. Can I set up rights for individual employees in Legito?

    Yes. It’s possible to set up a wide range of authorizations to individual employees and to group the employees into categories (departments).

    Documents may be also marked as confidential, so only the people with adequate authorization can see them.

  6. How do your analytics work?

    Legito enables you to simply, transparently, and quickly analyse data from your contracts and other documents and to turn it into managerial reports in the form of charts.

    Choose the documents and parts you’d like to analyse or you can even add some context. Our system will then analyse all the created documents and automatically create statistics and charts you can export.

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